The lectureres at Rønshoved are all highly skilled and have a long experience in teaching. But you will find out, that they are a different kind of teachers. You will meet them not only for classes but also for breakfast, in the free time and even to the parties. Rønshoved Højskole is based on a holistic idea of education so it is not enough for our lecturers to be experts in their specific topics. In fact they even teach you their hobbies - that makes learning a much more engaging experience than what you will normally be used to.

Thue Kjærhus


Thue Damgaard Kjærhus (born in 1954) has been the principal of the school since 2001. He teaches philosophy and political…

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Nina BuchKjærhus

Nina Kjærhus


Nina Buch Kjærhus (born in 1962) is the co-principal and has studied Danish and Psychology at Aalborg University, earning her…

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Hans-Tyge Haarløv

Hans-Tyge Haarløv


Hans-Tyge has been teacher at Rønshoved Højskole since 2006. He grew up in this beautiful and historical region which has…

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Tim Pohle

Tim Pohle


Tim Pohle (b. 1981) was born and raised in Flensburg, as part of the Danish minority in South Schleswig. He…

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Amallie Tulle Bruslund Haurum


Amalie (b. 1997) grew up in the small town Godthåb, 13 kilometres south of Aalborg. Throughout her childhood, creativity has…

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Søren Hviid Pedersen

Søren Hviid Pedersen


Once the German philosopher Kant said that nothing straight could be made from humanity’s crocked timber, it is very true!…

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Magnus Kobborg Henriksen


Magnus (b. 1996) was born and raised near Isenvad in Midtjylland, close to Herning. Currently, Magnus is an intern serving…

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Thomas Rørdam Auken


Thomas Rørdam Auken (b. 2000) was born and raised in Copenhagen. As a classical language student at Gefion Gymnasium, he…

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