Thue Kjærhus


Thue Damgaard Kjærhus (born in 1954) has been the principal of the school since 2001. He teaches philosophy and political subjects, particularly delivering lectures on intellectual and literary topics. He is deeply interested in Jewish culture and history and was involved in founding the RønshovedGroup, a conservative think tank comprised of several conservative writers and academics.

Thue is the school’s first principal from Southern Jutland. Previously, he worked as a mathematics teacher at a Technical School, a high school teacher, and as the head of a Leadership Academy. At the academy, they trained diploma managers, business economists, and technologists for both public and private sectors.

He holds a degree in Social Science and has studied Psychology and History of Ideas. In the 1970s, Thue was a student at Askov Folk High School, and he resided in Israel for several years. In his youth, Thue was engaged in competitive sports, particularly tennis, but he also played handball and football at a club level. Thue’s passion for cars, Liverpool FC, and literature is evident.

Today, Thue is an active public debater and a member of “Fri Debat” (Free Debate). He has also co-authored several books in recent years, including “50 Ideas that Changed the World” (2014) and the work “The 10 Commandments of the Folk High School,” a series of 11 books published in celebration of the school’s 175th anniversary. Thue authored the chapter “The Roots of the Folk High School” in volume 10.

His primary academic interest lies at the intersection of history, philosophy, and sociology, with a particular focus on Jewish thinkers like Adorno, Arendt, and Baumann.

Thue primarily oversees the ideological aspects of leadership at the folk high school. He is the father of Anne-Bjørg (born in 1990), a high school teacher residing in Flensburg, and Kaare (born in 1992), a newly graduated theologian living in Aarhus

Thue is teaching: