Why go to Rønshoved?

A long stay at Rønshoved is much more than just classes. It is something you will carry the rest of your life.

A long course at Rønshoved Højskole vil be an experience for a lifetime. It is learning in a very different way.
On a Folk High School there are no exams. Most students are between 18 and 30 years old and usually stay at the school for 3, 6 or 9 months.All teachers at Rønshoved have a Master's degree from a Danish university. The education is based on dialogue, which often continues after the class has ended. You will soon discover that there is a special atmosphere at the school in which students and teachers discuss religion, politics or philosophy from dusk until dawn. Most students are from Denmark, although there are students from the rest of Europe, Asia and America as well.

No limits - all options

At Rønshoved folkhighschool - in opposition to many other folkhighschools - you can choose between lots different courses. All these courses can be combined according to your own personal preferences and scheme. We are not a people’s high school, where you can only chose one specific type of course. At Rønshoved, it is only your own imagination, which sets the limits of your combination of courses.

What is a Folk High School?

The direct English translation of “Højskole” would be “Folk High School”, but this may easily convey the wrong idea. The Danish Højskole offers non-formal adult education. Most students are between 18 and 30 years old and the length of a typical stay is 2-10 months. You sleep, eat, study and spend your spare time at the school. There are no academic requirements for admittance and there are no exams - but you will get a diploma as proof of your attendance.

If you ask many Danes they would consider the Folk High School to be Denmark’s most important contribution to Western civilization. It was there that the unique Danish style of Christianity, Grundtvigianism, was created. Furthermore, the Folk High Schools laid the foundation for Danish democracy, modern Danish agriculture and the special Danish pedagogy, which considers spirituality and common knowledge to be equally important.

The first Danish Folk High School was founded in 1844 with the purpose of creating democratic citizens, a living Christianity that is independent from the state and a ‘Danishness’ that was open and tolerant.

At the Folk High School the students are introduced to Danish culture in general and also meet the intellectual and cultural elite of Denmark. Such people have lectures and debates with the students, as well as the teachers.

It is the dynamic between these groups, the cultural elite and the ordinary citizens, that have created the unique Danish culture.

Daily life at Rønshoved

The days at Rønshoved follow a set rythm with lots of rituals and routines. This may sound very stict, but you will learn, that this actually makes the days more relaxed. You always know when to go to classes, when to eat end when to have free time. In fact many of our former students miss the daily routines the most when they have finished their stay.

A typical day may look like this:


You can choose from a variety of continental breakfast products and cearials, juice, tee and coffee.
One of the teachers gives a small lecture. These are in danish but will be translated to english simultaniously
Here you'll have the choosen classes
Choose between cold and warm dishes from buffet.
Afternoonclasses continued. It can be new classes og the same subject like before, lasting the whole afternoon.
Warm food and delicious salads.
19.30Evening activity.
These can be classes or just a cozy time in "Folkvang" - the livingroom for all student. And of course the is always coffee and cake!

Former students quotes

I had always been thinking that there had to be such places like Folk High Schools, but the idea seemed to be more Utopian. I was surprised when I got to know that this idea was real in Denmark. Rita, 21
At Rønshoved I have learnt in many ways. It is not just languages or ceramic skills, it is also the way you communicate with others, how you deal with things and so, and from the beginning it is not easy at all! Katrina, 24


Rønshoved Højskole is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Denmark along the Flensborg Fjord. The fjord or firth forms part of the border between Germany to the south and Denmark to the north.

We are situated only half an hour from the big university cities of Flensborg and Sønderborg - two cities with a pulsating life including cafés, shops, theatres and cinemas. Copenhagen and Berlin are only 3-4 hours away by car and from the nearby airport in Sønderborg one can reach all capitals in Europe within a few hours.

Standing on the school’s beach you can see the peninsula of Angel - from here the Angles migrated to England in the 430s, when the Danes pushed them out of Angel. It is from Angel that the histories of Hamlet (Amled in Danish) and the poem of Beowulf have their origins. All the classical English verbs that you use every day are incredibly similar to the dialect that is spoken in the area around our school.