Why go to Rønshoved?

Rønshoved Højskole offers a unique opportunity to experience Scandinavian living first hand. Immersing yourself in the life of a Danish Folk High School allows you to explore this distinct form of life, which has become famous around the globe.

Far from being concerned only with “hygge” and “work-life-balance”, a stay at Rønshoved Højskole means becoming genuinely absorbed into the culture, language, customs, dreams, and social life of young Danes in the stress-free environment which characterizes Scandinavia in general and the Danish Folk High Schools in particular. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to dive into an exciting new culture in the caring environment of a Danish Folk High School!

Exploring Europe

We take advantage of our central location in the heart of Northern Europe. Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Copenhagen are just a train ride away. We also go on study trips to the cultural centers of Germany, Italy, and the Low Countries, where we will be experiencing the diverse histories, mentalities, and cultures of Europe. 

This central location is unique to Rønshoved, no other Folk High School offers such a close proximity to the rest of Western and Central Europe. 

Former students quotes

I had always been thinking that there had to be such places like Folk High Schools, but the idea seemed to be more Utopian. I was surprised when I got to know that this idea was real in Denmark. Rita, 21
At Rønshoved I have learnt in many ways. It is not just languages or ceramic skills, it is also the way you communicate with others, how you deal with things and so, and from the beginning it is not easy at all! Katrina, 24


Even though our school is Danish, we take special care to make sure that students from abroad feel at home with us. This means that our morning assemblies are translated into English, all messages are given in English and a variety of subjects taught in English are offered every Semester (see the descriptions of our subjects and our schedules). Some of our subjects are taught only in Danish, but some students have in fact, with the help of our Danish language classes, been able to take part in those as well.