Danes abroad

If you have danish family and are living abroad a stay at Rønshoved can get you back to your roots

Here at Rønshoved, we are used to having students with Danish backgrounds who grew up outside of Denmark and want to explore their own cultural background. Come to Rønshoved to experience perhaps the most classical Grundtvigian højskole there is. The school is deeply embedded in the classical Grundivigian way of thinking. This manifests itself in our traditions, ideals, and teaching style, as well as in the form of community among students and teachers that we have cultivated here. Immerse yourself in this quintessentially Danish form of life!

Learn more

If you want to learn more about our school or have questions regarding our subjects feel free to get in touch via mail info@ronshoved.dk or give us a call at +45 7460 8318 between 9-16 cet.


Apply to a stay between 2-10 months