A European journey

Whether you decide to become a student in the Autumn or the Spring, there will be exciting study trips available. On this page, you can get more information about the highlights of these trips. In addition to these longer journeys, there will also be a number of shorter day trips to nearby sites of interest. All study trips are mandatory.


Florence is Renaissance palaces, priceless classical art, and the birthplace of some of the greatest literature we have, but it's also the story of heretics, cynics, and realpolitik. Here, in the city by the Arno River, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, and Machiavelli strolled among exactly the same houses and on exactly the same squares that you see today. The majority of all art in Italy is located in Florence, and the short distance from the town hall to the cathedral alone holds more masterpieces than in all of North America. Furthermore, Florence is also Italy's most beautiful and romantic city.

Rønshoved Folk High School embarks on a study trip to Florence because there we can experience the pinnacle of classical cultural education, born in the Renaissance and continuing in the Bildung tradition. Additionally, Florence has produced thoughts from a societal and political perspective that significantly influence us to this day. Not to mention, Italy is a particularly interesting country to focus on in terms of EU cooperation now and in the future.

Even the journey to Florence is quite special; we travel south by train - a relaxing and pleasant form of travel that allows us to experience a lot along the way. We board the night train in Munich and wake up in the Renaissance.

The trip takes place in february. Price: 5.000 -DKK

Spring in Europe

We are going on a journey of exploration to visit three core countries in Europe. It was in the borderlands between Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands that Europe was reborn after the Dark Middle Ages. This area holds an incredible amount of European history and culture from the Roman Empire to the EU. We will visit three exciting and very different cities in each country, each with its own language: Liège in Belgium, Maastricht in the Netherlands, and Aachen in Germany.

We will be staying in the capital of the Frankish Empire, Aachen, with its beautiful Byzantine cathedral of Charlemagne and the hot springs for which the city is famous. From this cozy German student city, we will set out to explore the heart of Western Europe. Among other things, we will walk through three countries in 5 minutes, visit an American military cemetery from World War II, and learn about the dramatic history of the area. In the French-speaking part of Belgium lies the cultural capital of Wallonia, Liège, which is an intriguing city with many stories. Belgium is known for its fantastic beers, Belgian waffles, French fries, and chocolates. Liège is a student city with charming streets and squares. In the beautiful Dutch medieval city of Maastricht, we will experience Dutch atmosphere and visit 'Roman catacombs'. On the trip, our school teacher Hans-Tyge Haarløv will be our guide. He has lived and studied in this border area and will lead us to many exciting hidden and forgotten places.

The trip takes place in May. Price: 5.000,-DKK

Leipzig - Weimar - Wittenberg

On the autumn study trip, our base is the East German city of Leipzig. The city is, and historically has been, a cultural powerhouse, especially in the realm of music. J.S. Bach served as an organist here, Richard Wagner was born here, and Edvard Grieg studied at the music conservatory. In more recent history, the peaceful demonstrations in Leipzig played a crucial role in the reunification of Germany in 1990, marking the fall of the Iron Curtain.

During day trips, we will venture outside the city and visit the legendary town of Weimar, where two of the most significant poets – Schiller and Goethe – resided. Simultaneously, the town is also associated with the Bauhaus movement, which has been dominant in shaping our understanding of design since the 1920s.

Lastly, we will also visit Wittenberg, where Martin Luther initiated the Reformation, one of the most important events in world history and profoundly influential on our lives today.

Get ready to embark on a journey through a part of Germany that few Danes are familiar with, yet it has profoundly shaped our culture and history.

This trip takes place in October. Price: 5.000,-DKK

Day trips

On so-called teaching-weekends we often go on day trips. Since we are situated so close to the Danish-German border, these often go south of the border to Germany. 

Day trips are included in your stay at no additional cost.

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