A european journey

Whether you decide to become a student in either the autumn or the spring, there will ALWAYS be exciting study trips available. On this page you can get more information on the highlights of these trips. Besides these long trips, there will also be a number of shorter day trips to nearby sites of interest. All studytrips are mandatory.


Athens, situated between the foreign and the well-known.

If Greece contains the essence of being European, having fostered sciences, literature, philosophy, mythology and democracy, then Athens contains the essence of Greece.

Exploring the Athens of past as well present gives us a unique key to qualifying our questions about the future for Europe. The trip will endeavor to meet the foreign in the well-known and what is well-known in the foreign and experience the fascination in both! Where do we come from and where are we headed, will be some of the questions to grapple with on this trip.

The trip takes place in february. Price: 3.500,-DKK

Spring in Europe

We are going on a discovery trip to visit 3 important EU countries. It was in the borderland between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany that Europe left the Dark Ages. There is a lot of European history in the region from ancient to modern times. We are going to visit 3 exciting and different cities each with its own language: Liège in Belgium, Maastricht in the Netherlands and Aachen in Germany.

The trip takes place in may. Price: 3500,-DKK


The capital of Germany has, in only 20 years, developed into one of the world’s most exciting metropolises. Since the fall of the Berlin wall, thousands of new constructions have been completed. Today, such modern constructions can be seen right next to old historical sites. Currently Berlin has over three million citizens, which combined with its unique history and trendy nightlife creates the perfect setting for us to visit.

This trip takes place in october. Price: 3500,-DKK

Folkemøde - Democracy festival

In june all the danish politicians, administration, journalists and NGOs gather on the island on Bornholm to celebrate democracy through meetings and debates. Here you can meet the prime minister of Denmark while you wait for your beer or sit besides EU-commissioners. Uniquely danish!

Folkemøde takes place in june and is FREE for you!


On so-called teaching-weekends we often take on field trips that last only one day. Since we are situated so close to the danish-german border, these can easily be going south of the border to Germany. 

Daytrips are included in your stay and are for free.