At Rønshoved Højskole you can choose your subjects freely - you don't commit to any set topics.

At Rønshoved people’s high school, you can choose between lots of different courses. All these courses can be combined according to your own personal preferences and scheme. We are not a people’s high school, where you can only chose one specific type of course. At Rønshoved, it is only your own imagination, which sets the limits of your combination of courses.

There is an idea behind our portfolio of courses. All courses aim to help you to understand, what it means to be a complete person, who is part of an obligating community. At Rønshoved, education is a broad concept, which not only cover humanities, but also includes creative and practical courses. Consequently, what is common for all our courses is that they intend to bring you to an understanding of what it is to be a complete human being, who lives together with other human beings. 

With regards to language, all creative, outdoor and sports classes are open for internationals, as well as English literature, world history, international politics and possibly a few others (depending on interest). These classes are taught in English or combined English and Danish. And of course Danish Language classes and our Danish Culture and Society classes.

All morning assemblies and other common activities are translated into English.

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If you want to learn more about our school or have questions regarding our subjects feel free to get in touch via mail or give us a call at +45 7460 8318 between 9-16 cet.

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Culture & Thought

In order to be genuinely global you need a point of departure in both the local and the national contexts. Culture & Thought classes contribute in their many different ways to many diverse understandings of the local, the national and global perspective.

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As you can see in our schedules life at Rønshoved not only takes place in traditional classes, but also in common activities and in voluntary activities in the evenings. Read more about those here

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”Being a whole person is not just something that happens in your head, but also in your body. A healthy soul in a healthy body as it is said. If you enjoy getting a little sweat on your forehead, enjoy playing and having fun with others, then we have many different courses to choose from ranging from ball games, cross training, kayaking, mountain biking, and much more!”

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Natural sciences

If there is one true universal language, then the candidate must be the language of natural science. Our common world can be described entirely mathematically. Anywhere the physical and mathematical world obeys the same basic natural laws.

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If you would like to challenge nature and your self, outdooractivities at Rønshoved Højskole is something for you. You will try out a lot of different activities wich are all taking place in the incredibly beautiful nature around the school - no matter wich weather. So be prepared to be challenged personally and together with your fellow students.

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In order to become a true Renaissance man/woman and a true cosmopolitan you have to be familiar with your own language and culture as well as the languages and cultures of others. Two languages are not enough! At Rønshoved Højskole you can take classes in seven different languages. We offer classic languages such as Hebrew, ancient Greek and Latin as well as the modern languages: Danish, French, German and English!

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The complete human being is also a human being, who is defined by aesthetic, practical and creative dimensions. These courses are for those who have a creative and practical soul and personality, and who would like to be challenged to express themselves and create something together with other human beings.

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Politics & Society

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle defined human beings as political beings, zoon politikon.Political questions concern us all, whether we give them attention or not. Why is the Russia invading Ukraine? What is at stake for the coming election in USA in 2024? How does western and Chinese political and financial interests clash? If you want to understand what is going on around you or have a deeper understanding of what you already think you know, if you want to have a qualified debate that exceeds your opinions about a topic, politics and society is for you.

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