Tim Pohle

Tim Pohle

Tim Pohle (b. 1981) was born and raised in Flensburg, as part of the Danish minority in South Schleswig. He attended the Danish high school in Flensburg, Duborg School, and later studied music and history at Aalborg University.

Music is his great passion, so in addition to teaching all things music, he has also played keyboards in a major 80s copycat band, been a musician in countless musicals and produced music for various artists.

Next to music, Tim is very enthusiastic about technology. He thus has both a collection of old, analogue photography devices, unimaginable amounts of robots and other indispensable equipment in the home.

In the summer, he can most often be found on the fjord, as Tim is also an enthusiastic sailor and always ready to fascinate others with biting winds, raw knots and the mysteries of sailing.

When you can’t find Tim either at the school or on the fjord, you might have to look to the sky, as Tim is also a trained pilot and likes to circle around the school’s airspace.

A selection of Tim’s lectures:
“Why isn’t he playing?” – about music’s identity crisis in the 20th century
Stravinsky’s “Sacre du Printemps”
Richard Wagner – the man and the music
Mahler, Schönberg and the crisis of tonality

In addition, lectures on various musical historical periods