Søren Hviid Pedersen

Søren Hviid Pedersen

Once the German philosopher Kant said that nothing straight could be made from humanity’s crocked timber, it is very true! Søren was accepted to study theology but was not mature enough to cope with the Ancient Greek and Hebrew languages, instead he studied and majored in political science from University of Aarhus, Denmark. Right after the that Søren started a Ph.D. in political theory/philosophy at the University of Essex, UK. After the completion of the Ph.D. study Søren became a budget employee in at that time the Region of Fyn, overseeing the implementation of the fiscal policies voted for by the politicians. After some years he became a researcher in the State Archives in Denmark, more precisely in the Danish Data Archive in Odense. After some years he became associate professor in 2001 at department of political science at Southern Danish University, Denmark and in 2017 he became a teacher at Rønshoved højskole. Nothing is straight, everything is crocked!

At the højskole there is liberty to explore whatever you want, and this suits Søren very well, because Søren is an intellectual adventurer always looking for something which can enlighten mankind, the pupils at the school and Søren himself!

Sørens recreational activities are few, but some of them consist in walking along the Gendarmsti together with my children and pupils. Furthermore, he reads lyrics, political philosophy and theology, then he is happy and satisfied with life! He is also a collector Danish design and ceramics, and perhaps too much, he has problems of space at home!

Søren is also a political man and therefore he has been a commentator at the Danish newspaper Berlingske for many years and participated on national TV and Radio. Always with a conservative perspective! He is always open for a good discussion with all.