Walk and talk

This class is a journey, a walk, into the history of Schleswig. From the small local history around Rønshoved to the big story about Schleswig’s role in Danish and European history. We thus start with the concrete local history and move unto the great European history. We combine two essential things: walking in nature with other people, talking, listening to what surrounds you. All this is combined with a story about our region and its history. We root our experiences through the story of the area’s history. We are walking in an area uniquely rich in nature and history unlike anywhere else in Denmark. We will experience the combination of forest and beach, which can hardly be experienced as intensely and beautifully as along the Flensburg Fjord. It is no coincidence that the great painter Eckersberg had his origins in Southern Jutland and its stunning romantic landscapes.

We walk by different routes around the school, and especially the Gendarmstien, and along the way a story is told that relates to the history of Schleswig. The routes have a length of around 5 kilometres.

Did you know?

All morning assemblies or common classes at Rønshoved will be intrepeted to english!


Our courses vary between
2-10 months

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Søren Hviid Pedersen


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