Nina Kjærhus

Nina BuchKjærhus

Nina Buch Kjærhus (born in 1962) is the co-principal and has studied Danish and Psychology at Aalborg University, earning her BA. Over the years, Nina Kjærhus has worked as a communications officer at Aalborg Portland Cement Factory, a student counselor, a teacher for adult foreigners, and for a considerable period, served as the principal at Slagelse Language School.

Nina Kjærhus holds a leadership diploma and has completed a quality consultant program within the hospital sector. Within the school, she stands as one of the literary experts, teaching Danish and Nordic literature with a profound fondness for writers like Herman Bang, Karen Blixen, Martin A. Hansen, and Ida Jessen. Additionally, she is an ardent enthusiast of crime novels.

As the organizational leader of the school, Nina ensures a meticulous approach, consistently striving to enhance the school’s standards. Her nurturing persona is cherished by many at the school—Nina is the go-to person when help is needed.

During her youth, Nina Kjærhus was active in student politics, a trait that resonates when political discussions arise.

Nina is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Danish grammar. Fluent in two languages, she masters the beautiful Alsing dialect to perfection. Like her husband, she identifies proudly as both Southern Jutlander and Danish, while maintaining a broad European outlook. Southern Jutlandershave always been acquainted with German culture and language, being the only region where both Danish and German are spoken. This cultural duality is evident in Nina’s approach to culture!

Having returned to her home region, Nina now resides close to the border. She takes full advantage of this proximity, being the first from the school to visit Nordart—an exhibition of modern art located 60 kilometers south of the border in Rendsburg. Nina also thrives when experiencing the world-renowned Russian ballet scene at Alsion, attending grand symphonic concerts, observing new architecture, sculptures, and paintings.

For years, Nina herself was a passionate ceramic artist, a talent possibly inherited from her mother, who was a painter.

Nina has been the co-principal at Rønshoved since 2001. She is the mother of Anne-Bjørg (born in 1990), a high school teacher living in Flensburg, and Kaare (born in 1992), a recent theology graduate residing in Aarhus.

A selection of Nina Kjærhus’s lectures includes:

“My Paths in Literature – Exploring Great European Authors”
“From Dannevirke to Dybbøl – Through My Southern Jutland Picture Book”
Additionally, numerous evenings dedicated to singing, all based on the folk high school songbook.

Nina is teaching: