Take a walk along the beach, starting at the foot of the school grounds by the seaside. You will quickly notice the many shards in shades of yellow, red and orange that lie close between the stones at the water’s edge. Shards and misfired bricks lie with polished round surfaces as luminous memories at the water’s edge.

It testifies to the heyday of the brick industry in the area. Around the year 1900, there were no less than 62 brickworks along the Flensburg fjord. Less than 15 km from the school, the last two brickworks remain. Cathrinesminde brickworks, which is now preserved as a museum, and Egernsund Wienerberger, which with a capacity of 25 000 000 bricks is in full operation as the largest brick company in the Nordics.

Close to this vacuum between past and present is Rønshoved Højskole.

With history in mind, we proudly welcome students into the sensual world of ceramics. Knowing that it requires technique and skill to process the versatile and unique nature of the clay, so that with the right shaping and firing it can survive for millennia.

At Rønshoved, you have the option of choosing several consecutive courses in ceramics. You can improve your skills over a longer period and delve deep into the universe of ceramics.

In the school’s bright, well-furnished ceramics workshop with plenty of space, turntables, kilns, and raku kilns, you can try your hand at making bowls, dishes, vases, sculptures and cups.

The content of the class is as plastic as the clay itself. The teaching plan for the module is based on the students’ wishes and expectations. In this way, you have an influence on the contents of the class.

You are supported in working towards your set goals. Throughout the course, you will be introduced to various techniques that serve as inspiration and methods so that you can reach the set goals in different ways.

You will get to know beating boxes, sausage technique, plate technique, hammering, turning, modelling, glazing, setting, pre-annealing, glaze fire and raku fire. In addition, the teaching is spiced up with inspirational visits to local potters.

We attach great importance to the teaching also allowing for development through immersion.


Did you know?

All morning assemblies or common classes at Rønshoved will be intrepeted to english!


Our courses vary between
2-10 months


Anne-Dorthe Busk Maagaard


Anne-Dorthe (b. 1992) lives in Bolderslev with her husband and their three boys. Anne-Dorthe comes from a creative family. Especially…

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