Robot Technology

– Lego, logic & playing around

Teachers: Hans-Tyge Haarløv and Tim Pohle

In our daily life we are surrounded by technology. In our homes we have robot vacuum cleaners, robot lawn mowers and soon we might have self-driving cars.

In the robot technology class we will go behind the technology and build our own robots. We need to think in a structured way and turn ideas and tasks into a language understandable for the robot. First we will build simple machines but we will end up building and programming quite advanced robots that can be either funny, smart or creative.

At the same time we will take up ethical discussions: How do we cope with an increasing taking over by technology in our daily life? And who’s responsible when a self-driving car smashes into a tree?

Robot technology is for those who would like to challenge their creativity, improve your ways of thinking in structures and not a least the class is for those who would love to play with Lego Mindstorms.

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