– Freedom & fellowship on Flensborg Fjord

Teacher: Hans-Tyge Haarløv

Flensborg Fjord is a beautiful and ideal place to goo kayaking. We have some fantastic nature and the two islands, Okseøerne, situated not far from Rønshoved Højskole. We will visit these islands. The fjord offers bays and other places that gives shelter from the wind to tired kayakers and it is also possible to cross the Danish-German border to go to the cliff of Holnæs in Southern Slesvig.  

In this class you will learn different techniques concerning safety and manoeuvres, which might be necessary in difficult weather conditions.

When there is a rough sea with big waves it is the most fun, but on a quiet day it can also be beautiful and breathtaking. The kayaking season is from April to October.

You have to be able to swim to join this class and we will make a swimming test before getting started.

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