History of Religion

– A clash of worldviews

Teacher: Andreas Pilekjær

That religion is back is a claim often made these days. Others would probably say, that it was never gone. That religion takes up it´s fair share of space in newspapers, radio and TV is indisputable, just as it might also be found in those places, where man most stubbornly claims decisively to have left it behind.

What is meant by the term religion? Which types exist and where do they come from? This course will focus primarily on the judeo-christian tradition, but also take a closer look at Islam and other traditions. We will trace their origins in classical Antiquity, follow their development through history and learn more about myths, rituals, faith and politics – as well as the question of why they clash with each another.

The course will therefore also be a class debating worldviews, where we will speak freely and openly about our own standpoints.    

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