History of Denmark

– The past is not what it used to be

Teacher: Hans-Tyge B.T.T. Haarløv

Denmark is the oldest monarchy in Europe and has the world’s oldest national flag.

If you live in Denmark you should also know the Danish history. It is crucial for us modern humans that we are not strangers to our own history and culture when we meet foreigners.In order to understand our society and culture we need to know about the most important events in our history. This class will offer you some of the most important references in Danish history that you will need to know while staying in Denmark.

The history of Denmark began around 1500 years ago. We are going to learn about some of the first sagas and legends and travel through the Viking age to the introduction of Christianity. We will follow the Danish kings on Crusades in the Baltic region and in the Mediterranean and we will hear about the creation of the Nordic Union, the Kalmar Union. Later we will move on to the introduction of Democracy and to the creation of the Danish Nation-State that followed the loss of several important territories: Skånelandene (Southern Sweden), Norway and duchies of Slesvig, Holsten and Lauenburg.

The Danish History class will not just list up a series of historical events and facts but we will also reflect on what was at stake in the past and what consequences it might have had for us today.

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