– More than cases and Currywurst

Underviser: Andreas Pilekjær

German has for many years had a reputation as being a dull and uptight grammar-subject, involving considerable amounts of learning by heart. This image is luckily changing as more and more people discover the exciting (sub-)cultures of Germany, and the many trends and inputs we get from our neighbors to the south. German is – in short – becoming “in”.

Here at our school you will realize, that German is not just grammar, but fun as well. We´ll make use of the language in a variety of contexts, as well as learn about Germany and the Germans. We will go to Flensburg as well, the beautiful, maritime city of commerce, which is located just 15 km. from the school, in order for you to be able to practice, what you have learned.

The class also serves as homework-assistance, if you take AVU, HF or VUC classes during your stay. To know the language of your neighboring country is a skill you will always be able to use. 

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