Film Science

- Film as mirror and reflection

Teacher: Ida Kjær Larsen

Movies have often been criticized as a form of low culture in contrast to for example literature, and a general view is that movies are just for entertainment and nothing more than empty calories. That perception will be taken up for revision in this course, because the reality of today is that we get most of our information from movies, but also other visual media as Instagram, TV and Facebook. In this course, we will take a positive stand towards this new reality of media, and we will learn how to navigate in all the different possibilities that movies offer; movies can be used for more than just entertainment, they can set new agendas and make us wiser, if we know how to analyze and use movies. Movies works as both a mirror on the society that we live in, but they also invite to a reflection on the society, in which they are produced. That’s why we in this course watch a string of movies and discuss them thereafter.  

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