The complete human being is also a human being, who is defined by aesthetic, practical and creative dimensions. These courses are for those who have a creative and practical soul and personality, and who would like to be challenged to express themselves and create something together with other human beings. The outcome could be a concert, a piece of handiwork, a movie or an exhibition. The creative courses will give you an opportunity to combine the works of the hands, the soul and the head! Here you can improve your abilities within music, art and handicraft. You can also work creatively with ceramic figures and the fascinating world of painting and drawing. Photography can be used to other things than just selfies and holiday pictures! We have craft courses in building where you can be involved in small handicraft projects at the school. We will challenge you to investigate your own creative abilities and competences in order to makes you able to create a movie, photo exhibition or a small handicraft project. Indeed, it is only your own fantasy, competences and creativity, which sets the boundaries for what you can experience at Rønshoved. 

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