At Rønshoved people’s high school, you can choose between 50 different courses. All these courses can be combined according to your own personal preferences and scheme. We are not a people’s high school, where you can only chose one specific type of course. At Rønshoved, it is only your own imagination, which sets the limits of your combination of courses.

At the following pages, you can read descriptions of all our course groups and courses. There is an idea behind our portfolio of courses. All courses aim to help you to understand, what it means to be a complete person, who are part of an obligating community. At Rønshoved, education is a broad concept, which not only cover humanities, but also includes creative and practical courses. Consequently, what is common for all our courses is that they intend to bring you to an understanding of what it is to be a complete human being, who lives together with other human beings.