What to expect

Rønshoved - a school for life

A Højskole is something very special. The students have paid money to come and are eager to learn and to develop themselves personally. As a student, you live at the school, as do the teachers. This creates a unique environment with an equal relationship between student and teacher. A Højskole is propelled by the students’ and the teachers’ shared motivation and commitment. Therefore, the success of your stay very much depends on your own dedication, both academically and socially.

The first Folk High Schools (Højskoler) were founded in the middle of the 19th century, at a time when Denmark was struggling for national identity and the desire for a democracy. These ideas were deeply rooted and had popular support. This kind of democracy requires an enlightened population and it was, and still is today, a principal task for the Folk High Schools to teach democracy, history and culture.

Rønshoved Højskole was established in 1921 and is based on a new-Nordic concept, as formulated by Jørgen Bukdahl. He said that, “Nationalism should never be the goal for any nation state, but should rather be viewed as a prerequisite necessity for continued growth, for dialogue between citizens and for their attempts to become world citizens.” Today, we are still absorbed in Danish, European and world history but no one subject is more important than another. Rønshoved Højskole is a universal school engaged in the exploration of general knowledge.

On the school’s website you can see that we offer a variety of subjects (more than 50 different subjects) and unlike other Folk High Schools, you yourself can personally put together your own individual timetable.

In addition to all the different subjects, you’ll find many diverse activities, which underline that a Højskole stay is more than just class teaching. Every semester we get a number of visits from authors, musicians, intellectuals, etc. We go on field trips, both in Denmark and abroad. Recently, we have been to Lapland to participate in a climate conference and to meet the Sami people.  We also travel regularly to Hamburg and Berlin.

In the evening we play games, we do our homework or we sit around the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee having a good time. There is also an opportunity for sporting activities, so remember to bring appropriate shoes, clothing and swimwear.

We are very much looking forward to your visit at Rønshoved Højskole.