What do the students say

Rønshoved Højskole is just an indescribably wonderful place. “

I had always been thinking that there had to be such places like Folk High Schools, but the idea seemed to be more Utopian. I was surprised when I got to know that this idea was real in Denmark. Anyway, before coming to Rønshoved Højskole there were a lot of questions in my mind, What was it about, how did everything work and what did students do there? The only thing I had heard from former students was how amazing the time in the high school was. 

So filled with curiosity, I made one of the best decisions in my life - I became a student at Rønshoved Højskole.

It is unbelievable how different the school is from any other kind of school. Luckily, I have got a great opportunity to study in this school of life, and now I can say it’s not just learning history, the Danish language, sociology, painting, playing the piano or having many other interesting lessons with the best teachers I’ve ever met; here students get much more – the joy of being together, friendships, good moments and simply... the opportunity to be happy and share the happiness.

Rønshoved Højskole is just an indescribably wonderful place.

Unique and unforgettable.

Rita: Lithuania   

“I am thankful and really appreciated being here”

I am a student from Latvia and I have been in Denmark already for eight months. I arrived at Rønshoved in January. I chose this school because of the many subjects they offer.

I am more interested in humanities and languages, but here I can easily make my own schedule and study different subjects. As a foreigner, I am very happy about the three levels of Danish lessons.

I think that this Højskole is a little bit special because not only do students live here - the teachers do also. In this way we are together all the time and become a big family from the first day. 

The other thing, of course, is nature. I don’t know any other place with such a beautiful view all year round! That gives possibilities for many outdoor activities - kayaking, sailing, bicycling etc., and that is not all - in spring when the sun is shining, we are also outside for other lectures. The creative way of studying, crazy ideas, unusual theories and just being together are things that I love about this Højskole! For example, if you want to learn a new language, it is not necessary to read books and write exercises all the time - you can also sing a song and learn numbers by playing Bingo and in Rønshoved, for sure, you can have real, very original ideas!

At Rønshoved I have learnt in many ways. It is not just languages or ceramic skills, it is also the way you communicate with others, how you deal with things and so, and from the beginning it is not easy at all!

I would like to call Ronshoved Hojskole a school of traditions. I am still surprised, positively surprised, at how strong and meaningful traditions are in Denmark, and I appreciate Danish respect for that. I am glad that here I also can be part of that - learn and understand different cultures. 

I am thankful to everyone and happy at being here!

 Katrina Kukuma:  Latvia   

“The teachers are very friendly and love their job. That is very important in making the atmosphere homely.”

Rønshoved Hojskole is a nice place close to the fjord of Flensburg. It is surrounded by beautiful nature. Students come here from different European countries. The school gives a good opportunity to get to know each other: foreign languages, to find new friends or even love! We learn to work together, to make projects and to fulfil our ideas. Students can try many various things: from sport activities and playing music to learning about sociology or ancient Greek. They can also show creativity by drawing in the art class. The teachers are very friendly and love their job. That is very important in making the atmosphere homely. I think that it is a wonderful time in our life. I am glad to be in this unique place and get to know Danish culture.

Vesta: Lithuania