Study trips

Whether you decide to become a student in either the autumn or the spring, there will ALWAYS be exciting study trips available. On this page you can get more information on the highlights of these trips. Besides these long trips, there will also be a number of shorter day trips to nearby sites of interest.

Long study trips:

Athens, Greece 

Athens, situated between the foreign and the well-known.

If Greece contains the essence of being European, having fostered sciences, literature, philosophy, mythology and democracy, then Athens contains the essence of Greece.

Exploring the Athens of past as well present gives us a unique key to qualifying our questions about the future for Europe. The trip will endeavor to meet the foreign in the well-known and what is well-known in the foreign and experience the fascination in both! Where do we come from and where are we headed, will be some of the questions to grapple with on this trip.

The trip takes place in week 8. The price is 3.500 Danish Kroner (DKK).

Spring in Europe  

We are going on a discovery trip to visit 3 important EU countries. It was in the borderland between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany that Europe left the Dark Ages. There is a lot of European history in the region from ancient to modern times. We are going to visit 3 exciting and different cities each with its own language: Liège in Belgium, Maastricht in the Netherlands and Aachen in Germany.

(Spring, week 19)

Price: 3500 Kroner - this trip is mandatory.


The capital of Germany has, in only 20 years, developed into one of the world’s most exciting metropolises. Since the fall of the Berlin wall, thousands of new constructions have been completed. Today, such modern constructions can be seen right next to old historical sites. Currently Berlin has over three million citizens, which combined with its unique history and trendy nightlife creates the perfect setting for us to visit.

(Automn, week 40)

Price: 3500 Kroner - this trip is mandatory.

Day trips (free of charge): Examples*

Flensborg (both spring and autumn)
If you are a student at Rønshoved Højskole you have to see this old Danish city presently situated in Germany. Therefore, you will be invited to see this large Danish/German city during your first week. Flensborg is a fantastic city, whether you fancy shopping, cafés, bars or night clubs.


No more than two hours away by train from Rønshoved Højskole lies Hamburg – Germany’s second largest city with more than two million citizens. The sheer size of the city creates a bustling, 24/7 city life. The soul and most important part of the city is undoubtably the harbour, from which cruise liners and huge container ships can be seen. Culturally, Hamburg offers almost infinite possibilities, including some of the world’s largest collections of both contemporary and classical art. If you like football/soccer you should get tickets for the local team, whose stadium can seat as many as 57,000 spectators.

If you attend Rønshoved during autumn, we will make a one-day trip to this interesting city.

Free of charge

Trip to the National Park of the North Sea

In the beautiful and unique Danish mid-summer season, we will all go for a longer trip to the National Park of the North Sea.

We will go to the beautiful Wadden Sea at the North Sea coast, where the tide twice reveals the bottom of the seabed. With overflowing animal life and the beauty of the nature you will see the blue sea and the sunlight in colours as you have never seen them before.

There will be chances to watch seals, to pick oysters and mussels, and walk on the seabed sand when the tide is low, along with many other amazing experiences.

…and of course it’s free of charge.

Rømø og Ribe/Tønder

At the beginning of your studies we will go on a trip together so you really can get to know your new colleagues, who will soon be your friends.
For that reason we have chosen to go to the Danish North Sea Island of Rømø, where we will spend some time together at the biggest sand beach in Scandinavia. We will sleep overnight in the Old Mill out at the West Coast, a very cosy place close to the broad horizon of the West Coast and with the North Sea only a five minute walk away.
Here, we will spend a good time together with good food and barbecues, while the bright Nordic night lights the seaside and the Old Mill.

The next day we will go to the oldest city in Scandinavia: Ribe. Here is where the Vikings settled in ancient times and later on when the Danes became Christian, they constructed the first cathedral in Scandinavia.

Ribe is still a beautiful town with old narrow streets and nice shops.

* Please do not expect that we will do ALL the day trips mentionned here during your stay.