At Rønshoved we are very proud of our surroundings. We have a beautiful park with trees and a big apple orchard. We have a beach and a forrest all surrounded by the beautiful Flensburg Fjord.

Close to the school we have the “Path of the Gendarmes” an old border control path, which is now a nature path, which passes the landscape of Southern Jutland from east to west, through all kinds of Danish landscape. From forest, over hill to sea.

So here you can really enjoy nature; jogging or biking, whatever you like, there is space enough -the path is around 80 kilometres long.


Sønderborg is a beautifully placed city in the middle of the bay of the island Als and is an official candidate city for Cultural Capital of Europe 2013. It also harbours the University of Southern Denmark and the concert house Alsion which is world known for its excellent acoustics and therefore puts on many good classical concerts.


Flensborg was for centuries one of the most important cities of Denmark, but is now situated in Germany. It still holds a big Danish minority, around 25%. It has big Danish cultural institutions and actually now has a Danish-minded mayor.

Flensborg is the city where Scandinavia meets continental Europe, here is both a Scandinavian atmosphere, but also a typical European city with a European lifestyle, with well-equipped shops and supermarkets.

Flensborg is the biggest city of the area and is only 25 minutes away by bus.

In Flensborg you will find everything that a metropolis should have. Cafés, art museums, cultural and concert houses, churches, both Protestant and Catholic, and a lot of historical places.

Then there is of course the old harbour, where you also find the old brewing houses.

Even to this day Flensborg has its own local beer and rum.


Århus or Aarhus, is not two cities, but just two different spellings of the same city. A little confusing for a foreigner. This is because ‘Aa’ is the international code for the Scandinavian letter Å, which sounds a little like “Ooh”.

By the way, you will have good chance to learn the Danish vowels in our Danish classes!

Århus is an old city. It goes all the way back to the Viking times and is now the second largest city in Denmark. In fact it is the largest city on the peninsula of Jutland. In Århus you find the second largest University in Denmark, so Århus is a very youthful city, with a lot of young people and youthful life. Here is everything you can expect of a big city and it is only two hours away by public transport.

We will visit Århus and its university together during the semester, because Århus University is one of our partners.

So if you are considering studying further in Denmark, this will be a perfect opportunity to get in contact with one of the biggest universities in Denmark.