Daily life

A Højskole is a school for life and the school is going to be your life during the several weeks you are here.

Every morning starts with a common morning lecture, where all students and teachers meet for a half hour common lecture about a subject freely chosen by the teacher responsible for the lecture that day.

In connection to that lecture we have a liturgy, where we also sing some songs from the Danish Højskole songbook.

The song book is a book you will get to know very well. It is full of Scandinavian songs, but also songs in English, French and German.

The songbook is also the spiritual and intellectual centre of the whole Højskole movement.

You will have your subjects during the day, like in any other school. But at Rønhoved you will also live together with your new fellow students 24 hours a day, so your fellow students will also very quickly become your friends, some of them even for life.

You live together in the dorm complex (although each student gets their own room) and you will eat together with your fellow students and the teachers.

This is also an essential part of Højskole: the daily life shared together. Talking, playing, having serious discussions, going for long walks together in the beautiful nature around the school. You have the sea and the forest at your doorstep.

We have a gym which is always open, so you can go and play a ballgame or work out at your leisure. 

You could be sitting in the fireplace room reading a book or talking with your friends or playing on one of our four pianos.

Being a student at a High School means that you will experience a unique atmosphere with an equal relationship between students and teachers.

This is very important to us.

Because of this Højskole atmosphere, the students and the teachers at Rønshoved Højskole share motivation and commitment. This shared dedication is what makes the school so good.

Therefore, the success of your stay also very much depends on your own dedication, both academically and socially.