Challenges of today

The task which the Grundtvigian movement faces today is to become a part of globalization, while maintaining our own distinct culture. Furthermore, Denmark faces challenges such as educating thousands of muslims to become Danish muslims, as was successfully done with the Jewish population in earlier centuries. It was due to the successful integration of the jews that 95% of all Danish jews avoided the holocaust, since they were hidden or transported to Sweden by their kinsmen, the Danish people.

Each generation always faces news challenges, but these challenges cannot be solved in a positive and tolerant way unless we include our own culture and history in the process.

Rønshoved Folk High School is one of the classical Folk High Schools in Denmark. Here our focus is on the past, present and the future. Our students have gone on become members of parliament in Denmark, Europe (European Parliament) and America (Congress). We are still a key player in ecclesiastical, political and national matters.