Thomas Rørdam Auken


Thomas Rørdam Auken (b. 2000) was born and raised in Copenhagen. As a classical language student at Gefion Gymnasium, he became acquainted with the ancient world and its languages. This interest has stayed with him ever since. He then studied Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen and Heidelberg University.

Thomas adores Greek and German intellectual history which sustains his interest in literature, language, religion, and philosophy. As a university student, he was particularly fascinated by German Idealism and Romanticism, Greek philosophy, and hermeneutics. Philosophers like Hegel and Gadamer especially form the basis of his approach to the edification. Their thinking revolves around the relationship between human historicity and freedom, emphasizing that the two are united in Bildung, in intellectual formation. This idea motivates and inspires his enthusiasm for the Grundtvigian movement.

Thomas has roots in the folk high school world, attended a free school, and cherishes the educational ideals of the folk high school – and perhaps its songbook most of all. Additionally, he is interested in chess and film, with Ingmar Bergman  in particular being a favorite. You will find him on the højskole walking around with a coffee, discussing with a colleague, reading, or singing a song to himself while walking to class.