World history

This subject is important for modern living. It is important because it is the key to understanding yourself, your present and your culture. The World History class offers us some common references when we have international encounters. It is crucial that we understand important events in World History that have shaped the World of today.

We will begin with the history of Babylon, Israel and Egypt and move on to Hellas and the Roman Empire. We will see how the Roman Empire was divided, collapsed in the West and was conquered in the East, when the Turks invaded the capital, Constantinople, in 1453.

We will study the Rebirth of Europe beginning with Charlemagne and later we will hear about the Crusades, the Reformation, the Great Explorations and the First World War.

Did you know?

All morning assemblies or common classes at Rønshoved will be intrepeted to english!


Our courses vary between
2-10 months


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