European studies

Many politicians talk about the necessity of Europe and that we need a European cooperation. In this class we will investigate the EU and it’s different member states to get to know more about what kind of Europe we are a part of. What is Europe? Do you know Europe? Since 1945, European countries have committed to an economic and political integration process. Europe consists of 47 countries with many regional cultures and national minorities, which has had a huge impact on European history… and many still cause problems.

Great Britain voted for Brexit, Scotland and Catalonia might become independent states and at the same time the Euro finds itself in a crisis.

We will study many examples from the old and new European countries, regional movements and national minorities, as well as the history of European integration after the Second World War.
If you want to learn about countries and regions in Europe, this is the course for you!

Did you know?

All morning assemblies or common classes at Rønshoved will be intrepeted to english!


Our courses vary between
2-10 months


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