European studies

Europe has Europeanized the world and brought European civilization to large parts of the world. But modernity also has a flip side. It has brought technological progress, reduced mortality and much more, but the technology has contributed to pollution and global warming. Europe is an exciting continent, where people have lived through great disasters, but have risen again: Europeans have tried to learn from the hard-earned experience – but what have we really learned? Many politicians speak more or less directly about the European necessity, that we will have to have European cooperation. In ‘European studies’ we examine both the EU and the individual member states to learn more about what kind of EU we are a member of – what challenges does the EU face after Brexit and in the meeting with the wider world?

And what is Europe really? Do you know Europe? Europe consists of approx. 50 countries with many regional cultures and national minorities, which have had a great impact on the history of Europe. Since 1945, several of the European countries have been integrated with each other, but the integration process in the EU causes problems: Great Britain has voted for Brexit, Scotland and Catalonia wish to become independent states, and at the same time the euro is in crisis.

We will study many different examples from the new and old European states, regional movements, and national minorities, and we will discuss whether there is a need for a new European identity and, if so, why. If you want to learn more about a wide range of countries and regions in Europe, this is the course for you!

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2-10 months

Hans-Tyge Haarløv

Hans-Tyge Haarløv


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