Current debate

In the Current Debate class, we tackle the small and big questions of the time: We are facing major challenges with war in Europe, climate change and security when it comes to energy supply. Are the youth facing new challenges compared to previous generations? Which way should we go and what can we do in Denmark? In this subject, you get the opportunity to debate and test positions, but perhaps you can also bring good ideas forward in the political system? In the current debate, we will discuss, make presentations, and test our positions on lots and lots of things. We are also happy to invite well-known and lesser-known politicians from all parties who are represented either in the Danish Parliament or in the European Parliament to debate and present their views. For once, they will have time to speak out and go in depth about a topic, and you will be able to ask them about the issues YOU are passionate about.

If you like to discuss, you can cross blades and test your arguments. Maybe they will last?

Did you know?

All morning assemblies or common classes at Rønshoved will be intrepeted to english!


Our courses vary between
2-10 months


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