Classical English Literature

Denmark may have a greater influence on English literature than one would think. From the heroic poetry on Zealand, to Shakespeare’s Danish prince in Hamlet to Norse mythology in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, English literature contains several familiar elements. Grundtvig believed that the English did not know their own literature and history well enough, but in this class we will get to know their literature thoroughly.

If you want to understand a country, a culture, you must delve into its literature. From the oldest heroic poetry to the most nerve-wracking gothic ghost stories to the greatest love stories, literature is the door to a new world. English literature is the subject where we read and discuss classic English-language literature in English.

Together we try to understand the literature, the time it was written in and how it affects us. What is literature anyway? Why do we read horror stories? What is the best opening line in literature? How are you definitely not supposed to propose to your great love? All that and more we will explore through the literature and maybe even find answers to.

Did you know?

All morning assemblies or common classes at Rønshoved will be intrepeted to english!


Our courses vary between
2-10 months


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