History and society

Gathering information regarding one’s life and one’s culture is a crucial element in Grundtvig’s thoughts. ‘Livsoplysning’ (literally: enlightment of life) focuses on the development of the individual in comparison to something which is bigger (i.e., bigger as in society and culture) than one’s self. On the other hand, ’folkeoplysning’ (literally: enlightment for the people) focuses on thoughts, such as what you can do for your country and its cultural development. Therefore, it is an important prerequisite for democracy, that one’s culture and country has cultural self-esteem. 

Without a society in which you have a high degree of trust and high cultural self-esteem, a democracy cannot function. If these above-mentioned things are not ‘implemented’, the individual citizens would place all faults and flaws at the door of politicians, banks and capitalists.

Therefore, the Folk High Schools and Grundtvig were very dedicated to the development of a society of trust and cultural heritage, in which all Danes can claim ownership. In a democracy, we are all responsible for the development of our politics, culture and history.

Therefore, it is not a question of whether you are interested in democracy and politics. In a democracy, it is the duty of a society to be politically responsible. 

Due to this, the subjects of History and Social Science have always been crucial to the Grundtvigian Folk High Schools, along with the development of the individual. 

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